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English Cocker Spaniel From Russia Kennel Gold Ribbon » info » English Cocker Spaniel Pros and Cons of the breed

English Cocker Spaniel Pros and Cons of the breed

English Cocker Spaniel Pros and Cons of the breed 2 530 info

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The nicknames of your puppiesThe English Cocker Spaniel is one of the oldest breeds of hunting dogs. Distinctive features of the breed are a good appearance, cheerful disposition, excellent manners, high intelligence. Spaniel is able to become an excellent companion of the owner and a real pet.
Representatives of this breed are well socialized. They have a cheerful disposition.

 Since the breed belongs to the category of hunting, then it must be used for its intended purpose. This means that you need to engage with the dog, train it and exercise it daily physically. This is the only way the English Cocker Spaniel will become a faithful hunting partner. In the morning and in the evening, the dog must be walked for a long time, let it run in plenty. If the dog is not loaded, then it can become a destroyer in the house, because it can spoil furniture, nibble things from boredom and idleness. He needs attention and cannot stay at home alone for days. Also, these dogs will bark loudly and for a long time, hearing rustles outside the door, noise and any signs of danger.

The advantage of the breed is that they learn easily. Cocker spaniels get along well with other inhabitants of the house, for example, with cats. But the small rodents in which the dogs see prey, you can not say that. Lively, playful, optimistic, loyal to the owner - these are the "pluses" of these dogs. And, of course, the main advantage of such a dog is its ability to work on the hunt. The working qualities of the English Cocker Spaniel allow the owner to be successful in hunting for marsh game, waterfowl.

Spaniel is curious, active and easy to train. On a walk, dogs of this breed can be independent, but try not to lose sight of the owner. This quality is a manifestation of the hunting instinct. At the same time, the dog does not move away from the owner in the house and tries to be near him constantly.

The English Cocker Spaniel can be successfully kept in a small apartment. Since a lot of space for him is not needed. The main thing for him is daily communication with a person and walking on the street in any weather.
 Useful and participation in dog sports. Spaniel is recommended freestyle, obedience, agility.

You can not put a spaniel in an aviary. You should not keep him on the street, especially in the winter: he will catch a cold.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a great swimmer. Water procedures in the open pond in the warm season are an excellent pastime for this breed. He does not need to be taught to swim, since love in traveling on water is inherited.

Effective exercises to extract sticks from the water. The spaniel really likes such exercises and he will be infinitely grateful to the owner for organizing such an entertainment.

The formation of the character of the cocker spaniel occurs in the first 2-3 months. At this time, the dog needs maximum attention. Training begins at the age of 3-4 months. Representatives of the breed are smart and easy to remember teams using motivational methods.

Raising a puppy, the owner must first teach him to obey commands, not indulging whims. If you do not persevere, the puppy will grow up naughty and harmful.


Before deciding to have an English Cocker Spaniel, you need to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the nature of the breed.

 English Cocker Spaniel Pros and Cons of the breedThe positive qualities of a dog are:


Hunter abilities.
Endurance and courage.
Insightful mind.
Alertness to strangers.
At the same time, it’s worth considering the disadvantages characteristic of these dogs
Excessive activity.
Spoiled with improper training.

  Propensity for active barking.
  Permanent hair care


Breeder Tips
Cocker is an active dog; physical activity is vital for him. Walking with him should be long or short, but frequent. During walks it is necessary to play with him, otherwise he will get bored. In this regard, a dog needs to be brought to a person who is physically active and able to devote a lot of time to the dog. A good companion will be people who spend a lot of time in nature.

Do not start an English spaniel for people who have been at work for a long time and leave the dog alone.

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